Monday, 1 October 2012

Obsessive Comic Devouring --Our Very Own Comic Devouring Event

We have good news!
To mark the shift of our blog to this new location, that is, the shift from the awesome to the even more awesome, we are going to be hosting a SUPER MEGA FANTASTIC EVENT! 

This event will concentrate entirely on the newest, incredibly attractive literary media – COMICS AND GRAPHIC NOVELS! …And the movie spin-offs. We think they’re cool, we think they’re fascinating, and nothing would please us more than listening to your views on the seamless merger of art and literature that they attempt to achieve. Or something like that…
We want you to have three manic months of crazy reading and rereading, and watching and re-watching, and writing about it, of course. 
It’ll be a fantastic event with character battles each Friday. (You’ll see) Mark your calendars for every Friday till the end of the year! Since this is just the start, we don’t mind giving you a bit of advance notice on what battle we have planned for this week. Mind you, this will not happen again. We’ll give you a hint: (Tanya’s picks for this week’s battle are: Agent 355, Deena Pilgrim and Barbara Thorson. She’s yet to narrow it down to her one favourite, and she never might. We’ll have to wait till Friday to see.) So, can you see it yet? No? This week’s battle will be on who you think is the MOST KICK-ASS FEMALE CHARACTER IN COMIC BOOK HISTORY!  What are you thinking? Do you agree with Tanya? No? LET THE BATTLES BEGIN! (Well, on Friday)
As a bonus, we’ll be having a small contest soon amongst our participants and we are giving away a little prize for the winner whom YOU get to select!
We’re going to kick-start this with a quick group-read of the classic Maus to get into the spirit of things and get started off. Everyone’s welcome to join in. You can also do your own thing, of course, if that’s what you’d prefer. Just keep us in the loop so we can give you your own posts on our blog. We love us our members, we do!
Please sign up using the linky list below, so we can add your name and your blog to our shiny new participants’ page. Remember, you don’t need your own blog to do this: This one belongs to all of us.